Forte, the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova are now issuing a joint call for research focusing on mental health in newly arrived children and adolescents, and in children and adolescents with disabilities. Grants are awarded to research environments for up to six years.

The mental health, participation and establishment in society of children and adolescents is one the great societal challenges of our times. Newly arrived children and adolescents, as well as children and adolescents with disabilities, are groups presenting particularly great challenges in terms of participation and inclusion, as well as integration and establishment in society.

The research environment grant aims to create clear added value through collaboration between several research teams nationally and internationally. Together, the research teams contribute with the competence required to work with the research questions and innovations to which the call and application relate. A further purpose is to increase the impact of the research results in society.

The applicant shall be a representative of a constellation of research teams who are working towards a common research goal. A minimum of two and maximum of six researchers, active at another HEI than the applicant, should be invited to join the application.

Further details of the call and how to apply can be found on the Swedish Research Council’s website,