The open annual call for proposals for postdoc grants 2018 is now open for applications. We welcome all applications within Forte’s overall responsibilities of health, working life and welfare.

The purpose of the postdoc grants is to give recently graduated researchers the possibility to continue their research career after obtaining their PhD. The grant is awarded for 2 years and corresponds to a full-time salary. New this year is that the eligibility period has been extended to two years after doctoral examination.

The call at a glance

Type of grant: Postdoc grant

Grant length: 2 years

Project start: 1 January 2019

Who can apply: Those who have obtained a doctoral degree between the 1 January 2016 and the 1 February 2018

Grant amount: 800 000 SEK per year for two years

Deadline of the call: 1 February 2018, at 14.00 CET

Grant decisions: 1 October 2018

More information about the call and the application process is provided in the files attached below.

N.B. On December 19, Forte made corrections in the document “Instructions for the Prisma application form” concerning character limitations. If you have used an older version of the document, please note that the character limitations specified in Prisma are the correct ones.