In this call for applications, you can apply for participation in the 2023 “Summer Program in Aging” (SPA 2023) on Longer-living older adults: Multidisciplinary approaches to a growing area of research on aging.

The aim of the SPA 2023 Training Program is to provide doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows, interested in research on this year’s theme, an advanced training program that crosses disciplines, sectors, institutions and geography. The summer program also provides an opportunity of networking and career development for junior researchers. The summer program is held in English.

In this call, Forte can approve three participants that will be granted participation in SPA 2023. Forte provides funding for your participation in the summer program, housing and travel costs.

Focus area

Medical and social advances have led to an increase in life expectancy in most countries, resulting in a greater number of older adults living into their 80s, 90s and even older. This also places increased challenges for health services and social supports. SPA 2023 will shine a light on the experiences, realities, needs and challenges of this growing population living into advanced age. The program will provide trainees with a holistic understanding of this segment of our older population with considerations across the aging spectrum from biology, frailty and function, to levels of dependency and solutions for complex challenges facing our health and social systems.


SPA 2023 will run from June 4-9, 2023 and is planned to be held in person at Nova Scotia at White Point Beach Resort.

Who can apply?

Applicants should be PhD students or postdocs (or hold a position as junior researcher in a similar form of employment) and should be conducting research with relevance to the topic of SPA 2023. In addition, the research should be within Forte’s areas: health, working life and welfare.

Not yet registered PhD students may be considered for participation, if the summer program’s focus is of high relevance to the planned PhD project.

Applicants who have never participated in SPA before have priority.


The evaluation of applications will be made by an external review panel appointed by Forte. Forte will then make the final decision on who will be granted the opportunity to participate in SPA 2023. Forte will evaluate what impact the summer program may have on the applicant’s research, as well as future development of the research.

General assessment requirements

  • The research must be relevant to Forte’s areas and the focus of the call.

Assessment criteria

  • The application’s link to this year’s topic at SPA 2023: Longer-living older adults: Multidisciplinary approaches to a growing area of research on aging
  • The proposed contribution of the summer school to the applicant’s research and academic development

Time plan

The call opens: 20 February 2023

The call closes: 6 March 2023 14:00

Forte decides on funding: 27 March 2023

Summer program in aging: 4-9 June 2023