The call “Ageing and place in a digitising World” is the third transnational call within the EU Joint Programming initiative More Years, Better Lives (JPI MYBL). The call is open to applications for transnational collaborative projects on technology, place and learning in relation with the older.

This call is concerned with the ways in which the health and wellbeing of older people is supported and promoted through the design of the social and physical environment, access to opportunities to learn, and the use of technologies of all kinds. The objective is seeking for innovative, transnational and interdisciplinary collaborative projects that investigate the potential of technology, place and learning in relation with the older.

The funded projects are expected to start during the last quarter of 2017/first quarter of 2018 and the duration can be up to three years.

Research topics

Each application shall address the topic of Technology (1). Applications may also address one of, or both, topics of Place (2) and Learning (3), in relation with Technology (1).

  1. Technology: How existing and emerging technologies can improve the quality of life, contribution and social engagement of older people.
  2. Place: How individuals experience the places where they live, work and engage with others, and how learning and technology enhance or diminish their quality of life.
  3. Learning: How opportunities for learning can best be made available, by public, private and third sector means for the older.

More detailed descriptions of the research topics can be found in the full call text on

Transnational collaboration

Only transnational projects will be funded. Each proposal must involve a minimum of three eligible applicants from at least three different countries participating in the call. The maximum number of eligible participants in a project consortium is seven.

Whilst proposals will be submitted jointly by research groups from several countries, individual research groups will be funded by their respective national/regional funding organisation. Please see the full call text for a complete list of the funding organisations of this call.