This is the fourth annual call of the Joint South Africa-Sweden Research Collaboration programme. The aim of the programme is to strengthen Swedish research and higher education by developing and establishing international partnerships. The programme supports projects of high scientific quality which are clearly contributing to the activities of participating educational establishments.

The Joint South Africa-Sweden Research Collaboration programme is jointly funded by STINT, the Swedish Research Council (VR) and the Research Councils Formas and Forte in Sweden, and the National Research Foundation in South Africa. The present call is the last of this four-year programme.

Applicants should be working at a university in Sweden and have obtained their PhD. Projects may last for up to three years. The proposed project must encompass at least one Swedish and at least one South African party. A parallel application is to be submitted by the South African party to the National Research Foundation (NRF).

The ideal partnership project will have activities encompassing research as well as higher education, although pure research partnerships are also supported. It is of particular importance for young researchers and doctoral students to participate in the exchanges. In this programme, STINT wants to encourage new collaborative patterns and will not prioritise long-standing partnerships. The partnership must be balanced, i.e. the benefits and the personnel exchange should not be primarily in one direction.

The annual budget can be a maximum of SEK 200,000. I.e. the maximum budget of a three-year project can be SEK 600,000 (the South African partner applies for a corresponding amount with the NRF).