Forte announces SEK 200 million for research on challenges in working life. The research shall contribute to addressing the challenges of working life by generating and disseminating new knowledge. The call for proposals is part of the national research programme on working life.


There are major changes and challenges facing today’s working life. Forte has prioritised challenges where the need for knowledge is great and more research is needed. Applications within this call are to focus on one or several of the following challenges:

  • Adapting working life to demographic changes and creating conditions for sustainable labour force participation
  • Increasing the inclusion of under-represented groups in the labour market, with a focus on the workplace and the role of employers
  • Improving the prerequisites and conditions for organising and undertaking work considering different forms of employment
  • Reducing the occurrence of intimidation, violence and harassment in the workplace
  • Read more about the challenges in the attached document “descriptions of prioritised challenges”.

Grant types

Within this call for proposals, it is possible to apply for three different types of grants: programme grant, project grant and network grant. The same project leader (main applicant) may either submit an application for a programme grant or an application for a project grant. It is possible to also apply for a network grant.

Programme grant

Grant length: Six years (three years with the possibility of a three-year extension)
Grant amount: A maximum of SEK 18 million for the entire grant period. The annual budgeted amount is not to exceed SEK 3 million.

Project grant

Grant length: Two to three years
Grant amount: For the entire grant period, a maximum of SEK 5 million for a three-year project and a maximum of SEK 3 million for a two-year project.

Network grant

Grant length: One to two years
Grant amount: For the entire grant period, a maximum of SEK 300,000 for one-year networks and a maximum of SEK 600,000 for two-year networks.


You are eligible to apply for all grant types offered within this call if you have completed a doctoral degree no later than the date of the call closing.

Time plan

14 February 2019, 2 PM CET: Call Closes
May 2019: Forte’s board decides on financing
1 July 2019: Project start

Further details of the call and how to apply can be found in the files attached below.