Forte is now issuing the first call for proposals within the framework of the 10-year, national research programme for applied welfare research. The call covers project grants, postdoc grants and practice-oriented research fellows. A total of around SEK 94 million is available over three years (2018–2020).

The research programme is aimed at strengthening long-term knowledge expansion and development within the field of applied social services. Initiatives will involve promoting client and practice-oriented research in the social services, strengthening collaboration between research and practice, and increasing the participation of users and those close to users.

Examples of prioritised areas where research is judged important include:

  • Person-centred social services.
  • Coherent service provision initiatives.
  • The effects of early/preventive measures.
  • Innovations.
  • Implementation research.
  • User participation.

Three types of grants

Within this call for proposals you may apply for project grants, postdoc grants and/or grants for practice-oriented research fellows.

Project grants are directed at researchers who have doctoral degrees and are employed at higher education institutions or in the social services. Research projects are to be based on the profession’s and user/client issues and needs. Consequently, research projects are to be carried out in collaborations with social services, e.g. through regional support and collaboration structures (RSS), local R & D units, managers and personnel.

Postdoc grants are to give newly qualified PhDs the opportunity to continue their research careers with a focus on client and practice-oriented research. Forte is keen to receive applications involving international exchanges.

Grants for practice-oriented research fellows shall give people with doctoral degrees working in the social services the opportunity to produce research and to translate research experience into practice, thereby promoting continuous development and improvement initiatives. Grants cover the costs of a half-time salary over three years.

Forte sees a need for both quantitative and qualitative research initiatives and methods as well as for combinations of these. We are keen to see projects where researchers from different disciplines collaborate and projects involving interdisciplinary initiatives. Equal opportunity (race, gender, etc.) perspectives shall be taken into account in applications.

The call in brief

Type of grant: Project funds, postdoc grants and practice-oriented research fellows.

Grant period: Up to 3 years for project grants, up to 3 years for practice-oriented research fellows and 2 years for postdoc grants.

Project start: 1 December 2018.

Applicants: Persons with doctoral degrees, linked to an approved grant administrating organisation.

Grant amount: In this call, you can apply for up to SEK 5 million over three years. For postdoc grants, you may apply for no more than an annual SEK 0.8 over three years. For practice-oriented research positions, the maximum annual sum is SEK 0.5 million.

Call closes: 12 April 2018, 14:00.

Grant decisions: 28 August 2018.

Further details of the call and how to apply can be found in the files attached below.