Forte announces SEK 38 million for research on ageing and health. Two types of grants are offered within the call:  project grant and postdoc grant. The research should have a prevention, health promotion and interdisciplinary perspective.


The proportion of older people in Sweden is increasing. This development is leading to significant challenges for both health care and aged services, as more people live longer with illness and disability. Therefore, research on initiatives that support active and healthy ageing is important.

Forte has a special government commission to contribute to research on ageing and health, and according to the commission research should have a prevention, health promotion and interdisciplinary perspective. Research should be planned in collaboration with the relevant target groups, such as representatives of older people, their families, professionals and policy makers.

In this call for proposals, Forte invites applications for projects in the following areas:

  • Research that can contribute to the promotion of active and healthy ageing in older people. This area can include both healthy ageing and older people’s active participation in society, as well as their health care needs and functional ability.
  • Research on the prevention of mental health problems among older adults.
  • Research on care for older people with complex needs, such as in cognitive impairment or dementia.

Grant types

Within this call for proposals, it is possible to apply for two different types of grants: project grant and postdoc grant. Only one application per main applicant is allowed. Thus, you can apply for either a project grant or a postdoc grant.

Project grant

Grant length: Two or three years
Grant amount: Maximum SEK 5 million for three-year projects and SEK 3 million for two-year projects.
Eligibility: To apply for a project grant you must have obtained a doctoral degree no later than the date of the call closing (7 February 2019).

Postdoc grant

Grant length: Two years
Grant amount: SEK 2 million (SEK 1 million/year).
EligibilityTo apply for a postdoc grant, you must have obtained a doctoral degree between 7 February 2017 and 7 February 2019. Your thesis and planned research project must fall within Forte’s areas of responsibility. If you completed your doctoral degree before 7 February 2017, you can deduct time for e.g. parental leave or military service. Instructions regarding this can be found below in this document.

Time plan

7 February 2019, 2 PM CET: Call Closes
May 2019: Forte’s board decides on financing
1 July 2019: Project start

Further details of the call and how to apply can be found in the files attached below.