As a member of one of Forte’s scientific review panels, your job is to review, prioritise and assess applications for research funding submitted to Forte. Review panels consist of researchers and representatives from our areas of responsibility: health, working life and welfare. If you are interested in joining our review panels, you are welcome to submit an expression of interest.

Forte appoints a number of scientific review panels each year consisting of some 150 reviewers. Between them, these panels review approximately 1,500 grant applications every year.

The panels consist of researchers with expertise in fields that are relevant for each specific panel. Every panel also includes representatives of society that safeguard the public interest and societal relevance of research funding. Review panels conduct their reviews based on the assessment criteria set for each call.


Research representative

As a research representative on a review panel, you are a well-established, active researcher with expertise in the field of health, working life or welfare. A professorship or associate professorship (or equivalent level of competence) is a requirement. You may work in Sweden or in another country.

Public representative

As a representative of society, you will safeguard the public interest and societal relevance of research funding. Your may have a scientific background, but this is not a requirement.

A public representative should have a good overview of short and long-term societal needs. To be appointed as a public representative, you should work in Sweden.

Previous experience of similar review work is a useful qualification.

How to express your interest

Submit the following information to

  • Name
  • Higher education institution
  • Email address
  • Area of expertise
  • Can you read applications written in Swedish (Yes/No)

If your interest applies to a specific review panel,  this should be stated in your expression of interest.

What happens next?

Your expression of interest is a considerable help in our work to recruit and compose scientific review panels. Forte will send a formal request to those deemed to match any vacancies that may arise on a review panel. Forte’s board decides on appointments on an ongoing basis.

We select members based on the expertise required to review the applications that the panel in question deals with. For targeted calls, we appoint a review panel with expertise in the field in question.

Processing of personal data

The personal data you provide us with in your expression of interest will be processed by Forte. Such processing is necessary in order to exercise public authority and perform tasks in the public interest.

Expressions of interest submitted to Forte are official documents and as such may be disclosed in accordance with the principle of public access to official documents. Forte also has an obligation to save and archive all official documents.