Forte’s submission to the Government’s research policy on health, working life and welfare identified a need to concentrate resources within Forte’s strategic areas of research. To stimulate research within these areas a call for Programme Grant applications will be issued in 2016.

The call will concern five priority areas for research. The exact wording of these areas may change in the future, but in essence will apply to the following areas:

  • Aging, population and health
  • Transformation of working life
  • ANDTG (alcohol, narcotics, doping, tobacco and gambling)
  • Migration and integrations
  • Equal living conditions

The call is related to applications for Programme Grants, three + three years, with a preliminary total budget of 3-4 million Swedish kronor per year.

Full details of the call will be published on Forte’s website at the beginning of March. The call  for proposals will open 19 April 2016, with an application deadline of 31 May 2016. Decisions will be made by Forte’s board in November 2016.