211 applications for project grants and junior researcher grants have been accepted to stage 2 of the application process for the annual open call for proposals 2019. If your outline has been accepted, you now have the opportunity to submit a full application.

In stage 1 of Forte’s annual open call for proposals 2019, 932 applications were submitted regarding project grants and junior researcher grants. 211 of them have now been accepted to stage 2.

The decision regarding your project outline has been sent out by email and is published in Prisma. Since Forte receives a large number of outlines in the annual open call, we are unable to give statements for decisions in stage 1. For applications in stage 2, we always give a statement with the final decision.

For more information and instructions on how to apply, please visit the page Annual open call for proposals 2019 – step 2.

Postdoc grant

If you have submitted a postdoc grant application and have been accepted to stage 2, you will receive a confirmation email. Decisions will be communicated on Monday, 15 April. You can also find information about your application in Prisma. Please note that you should not submit a new application.

How was my application assessed?

The decision is made after assessment by ten different panels with different focus areas. Which panel that assessed your application depends on the subject of the research. Each panel is composed of senior researchers from a variety of relevant disciplines, with representation from other Nordic countries. The panels also include community representatives to ensure public interest and social relevance in research funding.

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