On 3 December 2020, stage 1 of the annual open call for proposals 2021 will open for applications. The annual open call welcomes all applications within Forte’s overall responsibilities of health, working life and welfare.

The purpose of the annual open call is to enable researchers to analyse and contribute to the understanding of a specific research area or question. Projects are prioritised based on the scientific quality of the research proposal as well as its potential to achieve societal impact in a short- or long-term perspective.

For more detailed descriptions of the research areas that we support, see the page Review panels in the annual open call.

Types of grants

Project grant

Project grants provide funding for individual research projects and are awarded for a maximum of 3 years. The grant is open to researchers with a minimum requirement of a PhD.

Junior researcher grant

Junior researcher grants are awarded for 4 years and can be granted up to 6 years after PhD defence. The aim of this grant is to support early stage researchers. The grant should cover at least 40 % of the salary for a junior researcher.

Postdoc grant

Postdoc grants are targeted at researchers in the beginning of their careers. The grants provide researchers the opportunity to continue their research career after obtaining their PhD. The grant can be applied for up to 2 years after doctoral examination. The grant is awarded for 2 years and corresponds to a full-time salary.

Time plan

3 December 2020: Stage 1 of the call for proposals opens

4 February 2021: Final date for applications

February – April 2021: Applications are assessed by Forte’s scientific panels

20 April 2020: Decisions on which applications have been accepted to stage 2 are sent out. Stage 2 of the call opens

1 June 2020: Final date for full applications

May 2020: Forte’s board decides which applications for postdoc grants will receive funding

September/October: Forte’s board decides which applications for project grants and junior researcher grants will receive funding

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