Today, 20 May, Forte has granted SEK 170 million to new research within health, working life and welfare. The decisions concern applications within four calls for proposals with different objectives – from getting research result to greater use to promoting cross-border research collaboration.

Implementation Research 2020

14 research projects are now granted a total of SEK 74,3 million to conduct research that will contribute to deepening the understanding of implementation challenges. The applications were submitted through the call “Implementation Research 2020”. The purpose of the research that has now been awarded grants is to generate new knowledge that will lead to social activities that on a greater extent is based on evidence.

Altogether, 97 applications were submitted and assessed within the call.

Applied Welfare Research 2020

SEK 47 million are awarded to research regarding the social services sector. The granted applications include nine research projects, three networks, six planning grants and two systematic reviews that was submitted through the call “Applied Welfare Research 2020“. The focus of the research is based on eight prioritised areas, presented in the strategic agenda of the national research programme for applied welfare research.

In total, 54 applications for project grants were submitted through the call for proposals, as well as six applications for network grants, 20 applications for planning grants and six applications for systematic reviews.

International Postdoc 2020

In autumn 2019, Forte opened the first call for proposals of Forte’s new international postdoc programme, with the aim to increase international researcher mobility and cross-border research collaboration. Forte now grants funding to ten international postdoc projects that applied through the call. Six of the awarded researchers will travel to Sweden from another country, while four will travel from Sweden to conduct their research abroad. Examples of countries where researchers will travel to or from are Nigeria, Spain, England, Netherlands, Finland and Australia.

In total, 33 applications were submitted and assessed within the call.

Postdoc grants within the annual open call 2020

The postdoc grant of the annual open call for proposals aims to create opportunities for junior researchers to continue their research careers. Twelve postdoc projects are now granted funding in the annual open call 2020, to conduct research for the two upcoming years.

A total of 82 postdoc applications was submitted and assessed through the annual open call 2020.

See the page Grant decisions for a list of all the applications granted funding on 20 May 2020.