On 30 May 2018, Forte will open a call for applications regarding a number of smaller grant types: Visiting Researcher Grant, Conference Grant, Network Grant and Journal Grant. The call for applications, “International grants, network grants and journal grants 2018” will close on 22 August 2018.

Visiting Researcher Grants

The Visiting Researcher Grant is intended to fund shorter stays to allow for research collaboration, an exchange of experience, as well as consultations. The grant is awarded to both incoming and outgoing researchers for stays of one to six months. The purpose of the Visiting Researcher Grant is to facilitate international contact networks and an exchange of experience between Swedish and overseas researchers and to promote the career development of junior scientists.

Conference Grants

The Conference grant is designed to support international conferences hosted by Swedish organisations. The grant can, for example, cover costs for invited keynote speakers (travel, accommodation and board), funding participants from low-income countries and workshops for planning the conference.

Network Grant

The purpose of the Network Grant is to facilitate collaboration between researchers within Forte’s areas of responsibility across different disciplines and different parts of Sweden. The network can include researchers in other countries, but the coordinator must be linked to an administrating organisation in Sweden. Grants are awarded for a maximum of 3 years.

Journal Grant

The purpose of the Journal Grant is to promote the dissemination of scientific information within Forte’s areas of responsibility, and especially concerning research funded by Forte. The journal grant may be used for the publishing of Swedish or Nordic scientific journals, including journals written in English.

Further details on the types of grants and applications forms etc. will be published on Forte.se when the call for applications opens in May.