The results of publicly funded research should be accessible to all. This is why Forte requires that all researchers we fund must publish their results with open access. On this page you can read about which terms and conditions apply. The policy applies as of 19 November 2019.

All peer-reviewed conference and journal publications stemming from research financed fully or in part by Forte are to be published with full access, in accordance with the policy for open access which derives from Plan S.

  1. For funds granted by Forte up to and including 2020, results of research conducted using funds from Forte must be published with open access within no more than six months. Either through filing a version of a previously published article in an openly searchable archive, with an embargo of a maximum of six months, or with immediate free access in a journal that applies open access (pure or hybrid open access).
  2. For funds granted by Forte as from and including 2021, and with publication as from and including 2024, results of research conducted using funds from Forte must be published with open access immediately on publication. Such results may be published in an open access journal, through parallel publication in an open archive, or in a hybrid journal included in a transformative agreement. This entails the journal having a planned transition to open access, or that it applies “read and publish” agreements.
  3. Publication is to take place under what is known as the CC-BY-licence, which allows reuse and new use of the article contents with a clear attribution of the source, as well as “text and data mining”.
  4. For journals seeking publication contributions from Forte, only those journals that are openly accessible and which do not apply embargo periods will be considered for publication support. Contributions to hybrid journals may be granted if these are included in transformative agreements.

Monographs and anthologies are currently exempt from the requirement for open access.