Forte funds research through a number of different types of grants. Some of these are announced annually in December during our largest open call for proposals, which closes at the beginning of February. Other grants are announced at other times throughout the year.

Below you will find some brief information about our various types of grants. Under Open calls you can see which calls are open right now.

Grants for individual research projects

Research Project Grants

Research Project Grants are available for individual research projects within Forte’s areas of responsibility. This is where the majority of Forte’s funding is distributed. The call is open to all researchers with at minimum requirement of a PhD. It is possible to seek Research Project Grant funding for all research projects that fall within Forte’s areas of responsibility. Grants are awarded for a maximum of 3 years.

Junior Researcher Grants

These grants are similar to research project grants but with funding for four years. The aim of this grant is to support early stage researchers, up to six years after their PhD defence. The grant covers at least 40 % of the salary for a junior researcher.

Postdoc Grants

Postdoc Grants are targeted at researchers in the beginning of the careers. The grants provide researchers the opportunity to continue their research career after obtaining their PhD. The grant can be applied for up to two years after doctoral examination. The grant is awarded for 2 years and corresponds to a full-time salary.

Grants for research groups and research environments

Programme Grants

Programme support enables research groups to address new issues and work with them over a longer period of time. Programme Grants are usually awarded for a period of 3 + 3 years. The purpose of the Programme Grant is the long-term strengthening and expansion of research environments within areas prioritized by Forte. We announce Programme Grants in special circumstances after a decision by the Board.

Research Centre Grants

Research Centre Grants support a number of research environments that are particularly prominent in Forte’s areas of responsibility. Forte’s research centres should have leading edge competence within their field of research, or have the potential to reach these standards with the help of Forte’s Research Centre Grant. The aim of this grant is to provide long-term support (usually in the form of ten years) to research environments to be developed, renewed and stabilized by attracting additional funding from other sources. No future calls for Research Centre Grants are currently planned.

Grants for internationalisation, knowledge exchange and communication

Visiting Researcher Grants

The purpose of the Visiting Researcher Grant is to facilitate international contact networks and an exchange of experience between Swedish and overseas researchers and to promote the career development of young scientists. We announce calls for Visiting Researcher Grants annually. Grants are awarded for a maximum of six months.

Network Grants

The purpose of the Network Grant is to facilitate collaboration between researchers within Forte’s areas of responsibility across different disciplines and different parts of Sweden. Grants are awarded for a maximum of 3 years.

Publication Grants

The purpose of the Publication Grant is to promote the dissemination of scientific information within Forte’s areas of responsibility, both to other researchers and to groups outside the scientific community. Publication grants are awarded for a maximum of 3 years.

Conference Grants

This grant is designed to support international conferences hosted by Swedish organisations. The purpose is to facilitate international contact networks and an exchange of experience between Swedish and overseas researchers, transfer knowledge from the international research community to Swedish research environments, as well as contributing to the dissemination of Swedish research abroad.


International Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme (COFAS) is a postdoc programme that creates opportunities for collaboration and exchange of knowledge between countries. The programme makes it easier for researchers to work abroad, by providing financial support for work in other countries. We currently have no future calls for proposals planned within COFAS.

Special grants

In addition to the annual and ongoing grants, Forte sometimes announces specific, targeted grants within our areas of responsibility. We also participate in various international collaborations where calls for proposals are sometimes announced. Visit the pages Open calls and Future calls to see which ones are currently open or planned.