One of the challenges for the future is to better understand the Swedish labour market, the risks and possibilities linked to the physical and psychosocial work environment and how organization and management of work should be structured to achieve a sustainable working life.

The scientific panels in this area are:

Labour market

The area includes how the labour market functions and is regulated, over- and under -education issues and obstacles for entry into the labour market. Issues regarding unemployment, abilities to work as well as methods to reduce social exclusion are evaluated in this panel.

Work organisation

The area includes the analysis of how work is organised in contemporary work places, new models for organisation and studies of leadership and control, including the connection to mental illness. Furthermore, research about the impact of social changes such as globalisation, urbanisation and technical developments on work organisations and the conditions for work is part of the panel.

Work and working environment

This area is comprised of physical and chemical hazards in the work environment, including repetitive strain injuries, ergonomics and rehabilitation. Research about best practice in work environment design, with regard to individual health, safety and development is part of the area, as well as research on stress and the psychosocial work environment.