Sweden has a well-established welfare system that today faces several challenges. Research is crucial in meeting these challenges and working for a continuously improved welfare.

Within the welfare research field we fund research on social relations within and between different social groups, social care as well as social policy and social insurance objectives, laws and institutions.

The scientific panels in this area are:

Social policy and social change

The panel covers social policy and social insurance objectives, laws and institutions, and how they affect the welfare system. The panel also evaluates proposals of population based studies and migration studies as well as studies concerned with how the welfare system influences various social groups.

Social relations

The panel covers studies on the interaction between individuals, between social groups and their position and relation between each other. Research within this area also includes studies of life conditions and mental health during childhood and adolescence, the living situation for people with disabilities and the conditions for the elderly.

Social care and social work

The panel covers interventions and activities of the social services, the organization of social services and the development of methods. It also covers research on the interaction between citizens and social service representatives.