Health research includes studies of the prevalence of diseases and factors increasing or decreasing the potential for health and healthy living. This includes research on health promotion and disease prevention, as well as studies on rehabilitation and nursing, health care processes and systems.

The scientific panels in this area are:

Epidemiology and population based studies

This panel covers the prevalence, trends and analysis of morbidity and mortality. It also covers the identification and evaluation of the importance of various risk factors for illness and premature death. Also included are studies concerning disease emergence and prognosis, as well as development of epidemiological methodology.

Health promotion and behaviour

This panel covers, among others, research regarding the effectiveness of interventions for healthy living habits. It includes prevention and health promotion, as well as rehabilitation and interventions related to mental health.

Health care and Health care organisation

This panel includes practice oriented research in health care and caring, the analysis of care needs and technical solutions. It also covers the health care system and analysis of how it can be developed and improved.