• Different types of grants

    Forte provides a range of different types of grants. Some of these are announced annually in December during our largest open call for proposals. Other grants are announced at other times throughout the year. Eligibility varies between the different types of grants and between different calls. Information on who is eligible to apply can be found in the description of each call.

  • Submitting an application

    To submit an application to Forte you will need to use the application system Prisma. This is a joint application and review system for Forte, Formas and the Swedish Research Council. With Prisma you can use a single account to apply for grants at all three research councils. To submit an application you will need to create a personal account. Read more about creating an account and submitting your application through Prisma by clicking on the link below.

  • Assessment and final decision

    Once you have submitted your application to Forte it is handed over to our scientific panels and external experts for assessment. The scientific panels are made up of leading researchers and representatives from our areas of responsibility including health, working life and welfare. The panels also include community representatives to ensure public interest and social relevance in research funding. Based on their assessment, Forte’s board and staff make the final decisions on which applications will be granted.

  • Ongoing grants

    In the application and grant management system, Prisma, you can find information regarding your ongoing grants. The financial and scientific reporting for your projects are managed through the Prisma system. In Prisma you can also make requests for changes regarding ongoing projects.

  • Publication and accessibility

    The results of publicly funded research should be accessible to all. This is why Forte requires that all researchers we fund must publish their results with open access, that is, made openly available on the internet. To further publicise and communicate the research we fund, we are also connected to the national database SweCRIS.