The results of publicly funded research should be accessible to all. This is why Forte requires that all researchers we fund must publish their results with open access. To further publicise and communicate the research we fund, we are also connected to the database SweCRIS.

Open access – research accessible to all

Open access is a term that means scientific results are made openly available on the internet. Forte has had a policy of open access since 1 January 2012. The policy includes the requirement that the researchers we fund make their findings freely available online. Researchers who have received funding from Forte must publish their results with open access.

SweCRIS – a database for grant-funded research

Forte publishes information on all our funded project grants in the database SweCRIS (Swedish Current Research Information System). SweCRIS is a national database of grant-funded research that is run by the Swedish Research Council.

We are connected to SweCRIS to ensure that Swedish research is publicised and communicated. We register information in the database about calls for proposals, the projects and participating researchers, as well as decisions taken on an application. It may include, for example, the time period and the amount granted.

Management of personal data in SweCRIS

Personal data on participating researchers is never publicly available in SweCRIS. You can choose to publish information about your contribution to the project in SweCRIS if you wish. Contact Forte if you do not want your data to be registered in the database. Information registered in SweCRIS can be disclosed to the college or university that is the administrator for the grant.

If you are registered in SweCRIS you have the right to request records and view the information registered about you. Contact if you wish to know more.

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