The area Labour market includes among others how the labour market functions and is regulated. This includes labour market relationships, labour law and regulation, the social partners of the labour market as well as studies of EU law and how the Swedish model is affected by changes in the surrounding society.

The area also includes research about matching between education and work, entry and exit from the labour market and obstacles for entry into the labour market. Also issues regarding unemployment, abilities to work as well as methods to reduce social exclusion are evaluated in this panel. Studies of segregation in the labour market, professionalization, wage formation, wage differences, and how demands for qualifications change are also evaluated by the panel.

Key concepts

  • Functions of the labour market
  • Policy and regulation of the labour market, unemployment and pensions
  • Wage formation, differences of wages, supply and demand of labour, mobility and migration
  • Entry and exit in the labour market
  • Labour law and regulation, agreements and the social partners of the labour market

Members of the scientific panel

  • Chairperson

  • Jan Saarela

    Åbo Akademi University

  • Members

  • Ann Bergman

    Working life science, Karlstad University

  • Tor Eriksson

    Department of Economics and Business Economics, Aarhus University, Denmark

  • Anne Grönlund

    Department of Social Work, Umeå University

  • Mats Hammarstedt

    Department of Economics and Statistics, Linnaeus University

  • Maria Jansson

    Department of Political Science, Stockholm University

  • Jenny Julén Votinius

    Faculty of Law, Lund University

  • Thomas Lorenzen

    Department of Sociology, University of Bergen, Norway

  • Ulrika Vedin

    The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO)

  • Mats Wadman

    Arbetsförmedlingen (Sweden's Public Employment Agency)