One of the big issues in science policy is how “societal impact” and “scientific quality” relate to each other. In the conference Impact of science 2017 we will share and discuss worldwide instruments which have proven to be effective to stimulate both the quality and the societal impact of science.

In order to achieve this it is important to involve all stakeholders and interactively find mutual ground in the earliest phase. Alliances can be created between research institutions, governments, industries and civil society, to define common long-term goals.

Impact of Science 2017 will evaluate methods and best practices around the world on:

  • Policy strategies for systemised impact
  • Strategic Alliances with stakeholders
  • National and international instruments for achieving impact
  • Current issues on public engagement, evidence-based policy and harmonising definitions

Impact of Science 2017 is organised by AESIS (network for Advancing & Evaluating the Societal Impact of Science), in collaboration with Forte, the Swedish research council, Vinnova, Elsevier, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) and Formas.

More information and registration: