On 8 October, 14.00–15.30, Forte, SBU and the National Board of Health and Welfare will arrange a seminar on core components, which are important for a successful implementation of new interventions in practice.

Psychosocial interventions often need to be adapted to contextual factors, such as physical and social capabilities, attitudes, and knowledge. However, it is rarely clarified which components of complex psychosocial interventions that are necessary to obtain the desired effects, and which can be modified without compromising outcomes. Better knowledge of so-called core components can help in the training, implementation, and development of an operation in different contexts.

The starting point for this seminar is research on core components of parental support programmes.

The seminar is led by Frances Gardner, Professor of child and family psychology at the University of Oxford, England. Gardner’s research focuses on the development and testing of interventions to parents in need of support, for example children with behavioural problems or children exposed to phycological or physical abuse.

Her research aims to identify active components that could drive change, as well as identifying components that don’t obtain the desired outcomes.

The introduction by Gardner is followed by a panel discussion with:

  • Jill Fialdini Yenidogan, Social worker and Head of outpatient and family home care at Caleo Care

  • Viktor Kaldo, Psychologist and Professor of clinical psychology at Linnaeus University and research group leader at Karolinska institute and Centre for psychiatry research

  • John Kjøbli, Section manager prevention and treatment, Centre for children’s and adolescent mental health and Professor at the Institute of pedagogy at University of Oslo

The seminar is moderated by Knut Sundell, SBU

NB! The seminar will be held in English.

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The seminar is conducted digitally. The link will be sent to registered participants before the seminar.