The Swedish Government established seven 10-year national research programmes in the 2016 national research proposal. Forte is responsible for two of the programmes, Applied Welfare Research and Working Life Research.

The Research Council Formas and the Swedish Research Council are responsible for the remainder of the research programmes on food, climate, sustainable spatial planning, antibiotic resistance and migration and integration. Read more about their research programmes at and (in Swedish).

News about the national research programmes

Applied Welfare Research

The national research programme on applied welfare aims to improve the state of knowledge in the social services sector. The initiative also aims to increase knowledge in the areas of mental illness and long-term sick leave.

The research programme will also develop a system for identifying and prioritising research needs as well as fund research that meets these needs.

In order to contribute to increased knowledge within the social services sector in the long term, the programme includes a special focus on PhD studies for social workers.

Working Life Research

The national research programme on working life research will increase our understanding of how we create a well-functioning labour market and sustainable working life.

How working life is structured is crucially linked to societal development. Therefore, more knowledge is needed to meet the challenges of globalization, digitization, automation and restructuring.

The 10-year research initiative will also contribute to better knowledge of, for example, how inclusion and establishment function in the labour market.

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