Forte supports a number of research centres through centre grants, at present thirteen. They constitute a type of funding with a higher annual amount and longer duration and are restricted to the most prominent research environments.

Forte centres within ageing

AgeCap – Forte Centre for Ageing and Health

The overall aim of the centre is to perform coordinated studies of capability in ageing. Read more about AgeCap

ARC – Forte centre for ageing research

Aging Research Center, ARC, is a multidisciplinary research center, run jointly by Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University. ARC conducts research in four major areas: Longevity, morbidity, and functioning, Treatment and care of older persons, Health trends and inequality and Brain aging. Read more about ARC

CASE – Forte centre for research on ageing and supportive environments

At CASE, the Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments at Lund University, the primary focus is on older and ageing people and the environments where they live. Read more about CASE

Forte centres within working life

CBF – The body at work – from problem to potential

The Centre for Musculoskeletal Research (CBF) at the University of Gävle conducts research into the causes of work-related injuries, how they can be prevented and whether effective remedies are available. Read more about “The body at work – from problem to potential”

METALUND – Forte centre for medicine and technology for working life and society

Medical and technological research must be coordinated in order to find and reduce the risk factors for major public health diseases. This is the main concept behind the new METALUND Forte centre. Read more about METALUND

UCLS – Uppsala Center for Labour Studies

Globalisation is leading to increased pressure for change in companies as well as countries. The Uppsala Center for Labor Studies is examining whether a labour market policy of the Nordic type helps or hinders this ability to adapt. Read more about Uppsala Center for Labour Studies

Stockholm Stress Center: Interdisciplinary research on job-related stress and health

Why do we become ill from stress, and how do you treat and prevent such illness? Torbjörn Åkerstedt and his colleagues at the Stockholm Stress Center have been awarded a ten-year grant from Forte to find answers to questions such as these. Read more about Stockholm Stress Center

Forte centres within public health

CHESS – Forte centre for health and society

“We’re interested in what determines the public health of a country and why health develops differently for different groups in society.” This is how Professor Denny Vågerö at CHESS summarises the interdisciplinary research environment. Read more about CHESS

EpiLife – Forte centre for research on the interactions between mental and physical health

Is there a connection between obesity or alcohol consumption in middle age and cognitive function later in life? Can mental stress lead to cardiovascular disease? Read more about EpiLife

SoRAD – Forte centre for studies on alcohol and drugs

SoRAD, the Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs at Stockholm University, conducts research on consumption patterns relating to alcohol and drug use and their consequences, including social and cultural. Read more about SoRAD

UCGHR – Forte centre for global health research

Health – of individuals, communities and nations – is a global matter. So says Professor Peter Byass, Director of the Forte Centre for Global Health Research at Umeå University. Read more about UCGHR

Forte centres within welfare

REMESO – Forte centre for work and welfare in a multiethnic society

REMESO is the name of the Forte centre at Linköping University where a group of researchers led by Professor Carl-Ulrik Schierup will study migration and integration issues in relation to the changing labour market and welfare state. Read more about REMESO

SOFI – Forte centre for research on social change and inequality over the course of life

The Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) at Stockholm University has been chosen as one of Forte’s new research centres. Read more about SOFI