Forte’s operations build on our vision of a more equal, inclusive and sustainable society. To achieve this vision we work strategically at all levels. Here you can take part of Forte’s vision and strategies for 2015-2018.

Our vision

Through research of the highest scientific quality, we contribute to increased knowledge that paves the way for sustainable social development, with a view to achieving:

  • Good and equal health
  • Inclusive and sustainable working life
  • High and constantly improving welfare


  1. Funding basic and needs-driven research of the highest scientific quality.
  2. Stimulating multi- and cross-disciplinary research that meets core social challenges.
  3. Developing collaboration and participation in research.
  4. Supporting international research collaborations.
  5. Evaluating research and its effects, and identifying areas of research.
  6. Developing forms for more effective use of research results through active communication and collaboration.
  7. Running an operation that has quality, transparency, equality and efficiency as its defining features.
  8. Being an expert authority on research in the fields of health, working life and welfare.