Horizon 2020 is the EU framework programme for research and innovation. Forte is part of the Swedish support organisation for Horizon 2020 where we participate in two programme committees. We are also engaged in several projects and networks related to Horizon 2020.

Horizon 2020 is the world’s largest research and innovation initiative with a total budget of around € 80 billion. The objectives of Forte’s involvement in Horizon 2020 are to stimulate Swedish research in the international arena and to promote an international research exchange. Forte is part of the Swedish support organisation for researchers who wish to apply for funding from Horizon 2020.

Programme Committees to meet societal challenges

Forte is involved in programme committees for two of the societal challenges within Horizon 2020. In the programme committees, we support the Swedish member in presenting Sweden’s views on the implementation of the Framework Programme. Together with Vinnova and the Swedish Research Council, we have a responsibility to inform about calls for proposals in these areas.

Programme committees where Forte is involved:

  • Societal Challenge 1: Health, demographic change and wellbeing
  • Societal Challenge 6: Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies

European networks, ERA-NET

ERA-NET:s are networks of research councils and other national and regional research funding bodies in the EU. The networks aim to strengthen collaboration and enable joint research initiatives. Forte is a partner in two ERA-NET projects, providing Swedish researchers access to calls for proposals within the networks.

NORFACE – Social and behavioural sciences research

The NORFACE network (New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Co-operation in Europe) consists of a partnership of national research funding bodies from 16 European countries focusing on research in the social and behavioural sciences. Forte and the Swedish Research Council are Sweden’s representatives in NORFACE.

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TO-REACH – research programme on healthcare systems

Forte participates in the European network TO-REACH. The network is working to prepare a joint research programme to increase the knowledge about healthcare systems, organisation and healthcare models. The research programme will contribute to healthcare systems and healthcare services being resilient, effective, equitable, accessible, sustainable, comprehensive. Through increased collaboration between funding agencies, TO-REACH wants to facilitate the implementation of the research programme. The TO-REACH network is a so called “coordination and support action” (CSA) within Horizon 2020.

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